Shams Hanna


[email protected]


AS215605 is a network operated by Shams Hanna


Feel free to reach out viaE-Mail, orDiscord. I'm open to advice and new opportunities, or just to chat about networking.

In case things went horribly wrong, please send an E-Mail directly to[email protected]. This address is monitored at least 12x7.


In general, I maintain an open peering policy and peer at physical IXPs. Check outPeeringDBfor detailed and up-to-date information.

You will need to:

  • Have a public ASN and a matching PeeringDB entry.
  • Have a BGP-capable router connected to the public VLAN of a physical IXP.
  • Implement proper security practices when it comes to routes. RPKI is preferred, IRR route objects are the bare minimum.
  • Be reachable within a reasonable timeframe in case of issues. Please at least provide a dedicated NOC E-Mail.
  • Connection via Tunnel (GRE/GREv6) possible. IP transit also possible via arrangement.

If that sounds good to you, please send an E-Mail to[email protected].

Routing Policy

Listed below is our network's routing policy for all accepted routes, customers, and downstreams.

Attempt to find an as-set to use for this network.

  • In PeeringDB, for this ASN, check for an IRR as-set name. Validate the as-set name by retrieving it. If it exists, use it.
  • In IRR, query for an aut-num for this ASN.
  • If it exists, inspect the aut-num for this ASN to see if we can extract from their IRR policy an as-set for what they will announce to Astroman by finding export or mp-export to AS215605, ANY, or AS-ANY. Precedence is as follows: The first match is used, "export" is checked before "mp-export", and "export: to AS215605" is checked before "export: to ANY" or "export: to AS-ANY". Validate the as-set name by retrieving it. If it exists, use it.
  • Check various internal lists maintained by Astroman's NOC that map ASNs to as-set names where we discovered or were told of them. Validate the as-set name by retrieving it. If it exists, use it.
  • If no as-set name is found by the previous steps use the ASN.
  • Collect the received routes for all BGP sessions with this ASN. This details both accepted and filtered routes.

For each route, perform the following rejection tests:

  • Reject default routes and ::/0.
  • Reject AS paths that use BGP AS_SET notation (i.e. [1] or [1 2], etc). See draft-ietf-idr-deprecate-as-set-confed-set.
  • Reject prefix lengths less than minimum and greater than maximum. For IPv4 this is 8 and 24. For IPv6 this is 16 and 48. 3.4 Reject bogons (RFC1918, documentation prefix, etc).
  • Reject exchange prefixes for all exchanges Astroman is connected to.
  • Reject AS paths that use unallocated ASNs between 64496 to 131071 and 1000000 to 4294967295.
  • Reject AS paths that use AS23456. AS23456 should not be encountered in the AS paths of BGP speakers that support 32-bit ASNs.
  • Reject AS paths that use AS0. As per RFC 7606, "A BGP speaker MUST NOT originate or propagate a route with an AS number of zero".
  • Reject routes that have RPKI status INVALID_ASN or INVALID_LENGTH based on the origin AS and prefix.
  • Reject AS paths that use known transit networks.


The following are our origin communities to express where routes are learned from.

  • 215605:0:12,Route originated from transit provider
  • 215605:0:13,Route originated from an internet exchange.
  • 215605:0:14,Route originated from direct peer.
  • 215605:0:15,Route originated from downstream.
  • 215605:0:16,Route originated from our internal routers


The following map outlines the connectivity of AS215605 to Tier 1 ISPs.